How to Activate God Mode in Windows 8

God Mode windows 8

Most of the users like personalize their desktop by changing the settings of your windows operating system. But the Problem is that all the settings are scattered around the system. There is one way you can have access to all the settings at one place. This method is by activating the God Mode which is also sometimes referred as full control Mode.

It is not an extra special Mode, it is just an hidden folder on your windows 8 operating system.

We Previously also wrote about activating God Mode in windows 7. You can activate God Mode by taking following Steps 

  1. Create a New Folder on desktop
  2. Rename the Folder to AnyName.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}
This will create a new folder on your desktop from where you can have full access to your system from one place. You can name the folder with any thing but make sure that the string after the dot i.e string inside the curly braces must remain the same. Also Make sure that you have checked the Hidden Files and File Name extension boxes in View Tab in File Explorer.

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