5 best meta search engines

Meta search engines are search engines that search other search engines. Confused? To put it simply, a meta search engine submits your query to several other search engines and returns a summary of the results. Therefore, the search results you receive are an aggregate result of multiple searches.
While this strategy gives your search a broader scope than searching a single search engine, the results are not always better. This is because the meta search engine must use its own algorithm to choose the best results from multiple search engines. Often, the results returned by a meta search engine are not as relevant as those returned by a standard search engine.

Mamma is an unusual meta search engine in that it only searches a few major indexes the 
rest of the sites queried are directories or paid-placement services.
Launched in 1996, Mamma was one of the Internet’s first tier 2 metasearch engines. With a 
simple user-interface, this metasearch engine allows users to search images, news, 
twitter and jobs besides web search.
The search results are quite relevant and deep compared to other search engines. However, 
it may be difficult for users to distinguish between the sponsored results and other 
results, especially informative articles. For example, my web search results for “cheese” 
returned a mix of sponsored and non-sponsored results, the main reason being the use of 
similar font color and style.Full marks to Mamma due to its less clutter, quick response 
and simple user interface.
Its link is:

Meta search engine that ranks results based on the number of “top 10” rankings a site 
receives from the various search engines.
Known as the World’s Most Private Meta Search Engine IxQuick for images, phone numbers,
websites and videos. This metasearch engine has a simple and easy-to-use interface and it 
returns relevant search results. It searches for a list of the best and unique top 10 
pages from different search engines and displays the results in a comprehensive manner.
IxQuick also has an Advanced Search option that lets users quicken their keyword searches 
and a unique my settings option at the bottom of the page that allows users to change 
font, language and keep family filter On or Off for images and videos.
Its link is:

Ithaki is probably the most global of all meta search engines, available in 14 languages 
and offering more than 35 different categories for limiting your search.
Users looking for “global” metasearch engines can look forward to make Ithaki their best 
meta search engine. It has over 30 categories of search, grouped into country-specific 
searches, image, webcam, MIDI and web radios. There is also a “Just for Kids” category 
that limits users to search kid-related content. What’s more, people can also search for 
music-specific sites by selecting Mp3 from the drop-down list.
The best part of this multi search engine is that it sends user requests to local search 
engines and retrieves results quickly. If a person from India wants the search results 
from his country only, then he has to select India from the dropdown list and begin 
his/her search. Another great feature of this meta search engine is that it does not mix 
the sponsored ads with other results. The search results are quick, the interface is 
simple and easy-to-use, making this one of the best and the most comprehensive multi 
search engines.
Its link is:

One of the oldest meta search services, MetaCrawler began in July 1995 at the University of Washington. MetaCrawler was purchased by InfoSpace, an online content provider, in Feb. 97.
Its link is:

Formerly a crawler based search engine using a much smaller subset of the Excite index, 
it was transformed into a meta search engine when purchased by InfoSpace in 2001.
Its link is:

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